ISKCON in Chitradurga

chitradurga fort

Chitradurga ( also known locally as Durga) is a city and the headquarters of Chitradurga district which is located on the valley of the Vedavati river in the southern part of the Indian state of Karnataka.[2] It is located about 200 km from the state capital Bengaluru.

CHITRADURGA has a special significance in Vedic Indian Culture as the place has been visited by the Pandavas of Mahabharat fame. Arjuna has personally carved the deity of Sri Venugopal Swami, which is being worshipped by locals with much reverence and splendor. CHITRADURGA is a picturesque place surrounded by mountains, windmills and clear water lakes.

There are a good number of devotees Preaching the message of Bhagavad Gita and the chanting of Holy name in this place and in nearby villages and towns.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the biggest Festival observed with few thousands flocking to enjoy the Cultural and Spiritual programs organised by local devotees. ISKCON here is developing a Varnasahrama community of Devotees alongwith Temple project on a acre of land.

There is also an extension center in Rampura with help twin devotee brothers called Sura Narayan and Chandra Narayan.

ISKCON in Madikeri

madikeri waterfalls

Madikeri in Kodagu District of Karnataka, is the capital of Coorg district, the ambrosial land of Madikeri is a sought-after hill station. A place of austere beauty with its many aromatic spices greets the place. ISKCON in Madikeri has been conducting Preaching and Charitable activities for the past 10 years in trying to spread the awareness and message of Srimad Bhagvad Gita As It Is along with the Chanting of the Holy Name of Lord Sri Krishna and Prasadam Distribution.

In trying to achieve this we are Observing two major festivals in a year namely Sri Krishna Janmashtami and Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra apart from various other educational and spiritual programs for all sections of the society.

One of the highlights is encouraging the School children to take part in different competitions like Bhagavad Gita Sloka Chanting, Story telling from Lord Sri Krishna’s Lilas and Coloring and Drawing pictures related to Lord’s Lilas and conduct weekly classes for them.

ISKCON here has embarked upon a project to portray the Vedic Culture of Vedic India to the tourists that flock here, and especially Madikeri itself has its own historic significance.

ISKCON in Mysore


Mysore officially named Mysuru) is the third most populous city in the state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills about 146 km (91 mi) southwest of Bangalore and spread across an area of 152 km2 (59 sq mi). The population is 1,014,227 as of 2017. Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the civic administration of the city, which is also the headquarters of the Mysore district and the Mysore division.

It served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Mysore for nearly six centuries from 1399 until 1956. The Kingdom was ruled by the Wadiyar dynasty, with a brief period of interregnum in the 1760s and 70s when Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were in power. The Wodeyars were patrons of art and culture and contributed significantly to the cultural growth of the city and the state. The cultural ambiance and achievements of Mysore earned it the sobriquet Cultural Capital of Karnataka.

Mysore is noted for its heritage structures and palaces, including the Mysore Palace, and for the festivities that take place during the Dasara festival when the city receives a large number of tourists from around the world. It lends its name to various art forms and culture, such as Mysore Dasara, Mysore Painting; the sweet dish Mysore Pak, Mysore masala dosa; brands such as Mysore Sandal Soap, Mysore Ink; and styles and cosmetics such as Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and the Mysore Silk sarees. Tourism is the major industry alongside the traditional industries. Mysore's inter-city public transportation includes rail and bus; flights become available only during the peak time of the Dasara.

The city had the first private radio station in India. Mysore University is headquartered in Mysore, which has produced several notable scientists, authors, politicians, actors, singers, and sportsmen. Cricket and lawn tennis are the most popular sports in the city.

HG Ananda Dham Prabhu and HG Venu Krishna Prabhu are taking care of ISKCON Mysore’s activity. ISKCON Mysore Center is located in the below address:

ISKCON Mysore #13, 12th Cross, V.V. Mohalla, Mysore, Karnataka 570002.

Also there is a center in SriRagapattana with lots of activities with details as follows:

Namahatta Directorate has an opportunity in Srirangapatnam.

Some devotees in Bangalore and also in Mandya district expressed desire to set up ISKCON Old age home on the banks of Cauvery river.We also had something similar in mind as were quite inspired by His Holiness Badrinarayana Swami Maharaja Old Age Home project in Mayapur, W. Bengal but not being for hospice, or for terminally ill persons.

It’s for those who can take care of themselves providing them with some basic facilities.

We have already brought in awareness to the visitors and public alike, by distribution of Prasadam on Dusshera festival last year by serving to 5000 visitors and we continue to do so on special occasions near the entrance to Lord Sri Ranganatha Swami temple. We would be taking up a rented place and shall continue the prasad distribution and at the same time look out for land and donations to set up the infrastructure.

We have now identified land quite close to the main temple and an equidistant from Cauvery river. The land is around 3.5 acres and is ideally connected with road to the highway. We solicit our devotees and well wishers to contribute for this social and spiritual cause.

Ante Narayana Smrti.. is the ultimate goal of human life. And it is well practiced in a more peaceful and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So please be engaged wholeheartedly in this Project.

Yours in service of Lord and Mankind...

ISKCON in Shivamogga

Shimoga, officially renamed as Shivamogga, is a city and the district headquarters of Shimoga District in the central part of the state of Karnataka, India. The city lies on the banks of the Tunga River. Being the gateway for the hilly region of the Western Ghats, the city is popularly nicknamed as "Gateway of Malnad".

The city is 569 m above sea level and is surrounded by lush green paddy fields, arecanut and coconut groves. The population of Shimoga city is 322,428, consisting of 161,978 males and 160,450 females, as per 2011 census.

Shivamogga situated on the banks of the Tunga river is known as the “Gateway to Malnad”. This place is also well known for its educational and professional institutions. Students come from far and wide in pursuit of higher education to Shimoga.

ISKCON started its activities in a humble way in a Nursing Home of Doctors. Today ISKCON has its own land at Bidere to develop a project depicting the Ancient Vedic Cultural and Educational Heritage of India.

The project known as “Dakshina Mayapur Dham” will depict the Spiritual educational values as enunciated by Lord Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teachings in line with the Sri Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya.

ISKCON in udupi

Udupi (alternatively spelled as Udipi) also known as Odipu in Tulu is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative headquarters of Udupi District. Shri Bhagwan Bahubali Digambar Jain Statue in Karkala, Udupi is one of the top tourist attraction in Karkala, Udupi. Udupi is notable for the Krishna Temple, Tulu Ashtamathas and lends its name to the popular Udupi cuisine. It is also known as Lord Parashurama Kshetra, and is famous for Kanakana Kindi. A centre of pilgrimage, Udupi is known as Rajata Peetha and Shivalli (Shivabelle). It is also known as the temple city. Manipal is a locality within Udupi city. Udupi is situated about 60 km north of the industrial hub Mangalore and about 422 km northwest of state capital Bengaluru by road.

The Sri Krishna Matha is known throughout the world for the famous Lord Sri Krishna Temple. Another attraction of this temple is the “Kanakana Kindi “- Sri Kanaka dasa, a devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, not being allowed to enter the temple stood outside the temple and sung Lord Sri Krishna glories. Pleased with His devotee, Lord Sri Krishna turned to the west and gave Sri Kanaka dasa Darshan off His Sat Cit Ananda Rupa (form) through a small window at the back of the mutt which has now nine small windows beautifully carved and silver plated.

The daily poojas of the Matha are managed by the Astha Mathas (eight temples). Each of the Astha Mathas perform the temple management activities for two years on rotation. These mathas are together called as the Sri Krishna Matha. These eight mathas are Pejavara, Puttige, Palimaru, Adamaru, Sodhe, Kanivooru, Shirur, and Krishnapura.

ISKCON Udupi started preaching about the pure teachings Lord Krishna under the guidance of HG Sudhir Chaitanya Prabhu and details as are as follows: We have acquired around 9900 sq ft of land very close to the Udupi Sri Krsna Temple – a mere 7 minutes walk to ISKCON land. We intend to establish the closeness of Gaudiya Siddhanta to that of Madhva Siddhanta, so there is a need to establish our presence here.

The project as per enclosed brochure includes good accommodation facilities( including dormitorys), PPTs Hall for yatras to have retreats, seminars and also to provide for a library to house scriptures of all major sampradaya and the Teachings of the Acharyas. We seek your kind patronage for the project as most devotees on a visit to South India would have a desire to visit Udupi.

You all can come and spend some quiet moments with the Supreme Lord for all the hard work done through your life. You do deserve a holiday.

After this kind patronage for the project as most devotees on a visit to South India would have a desire to visit Udupi.

TO know more details about this project click here

Our centers are like the oasis in a vast desert. In the desert there is no water, but occasionally if one is fortunate he may come in contact with an oasis and he is saved. Similarly in this material world we are drying up due to lack of spiritual knowledge. Our ISKCON centres are meant to give relief to the dried up conditioned souls who are searching after the nectar of joyful life.

– Srila Prabhupada’s letter